Plastic Hopper Dryers Honeycomb Desiccant Machine

1.adopting hot air diffuser device with high performance of diffusing hot are evenly to keep the plastic dry evenly and increase the dry efficiency. 2. Special bend design of hot-blast main avoids the accumulation of dust at the bottom of the tubular electric heating element and also avoids the fire. 3. Inner hopper and all the internal parts are med of stainless steel. 4.Adopt proportional deviation indication thermostat to control the temperature accurately

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In the process of raw material treatment, the hopper dryer blows the constant high temperature wind into the drying barrel through the drying fan. After baking the raw material, the original moisture in the barrel is taken away to remove the moisture contained in the raw material.

 After being heated by electric heating, the air from the fan becomes hot air for drying. Through the screen protector and hole screen, the hot air can be evenly distributed in the raw materials in the drying barrel. It can be equipped with a hot air recovery device. The blown air enters the drying fan after being filtered by the return air, thus forming a closed circulation circuit and saving electricity.

plastic hopper dryer


 plastic hopper dryer specificates

1. The high-performance hot air diffusion device with uniform distribution of hot air is used to keep the drying temperature of plastics uniform and increase the drying efficiency.

2. The special hot air elbow design can avoid the powder from accumulating at the bottom of the electric heating pipe and causing combustion.

3. All the parts in the barrel and inside are made of stainless steel.

4. The material barrel is separated from the bottom, easy to clean and fast to change.

5. The temperature controller with proportional deviation indication can accurately control the temperature.

6. There are double overheat protection devices, which can reduce accidents caused by human or mechanical failure.

7. Various models can provide preheating timing device, microcomputer control, and double-layer insulation barrel selection.

8. All digital p.i.d control LED status display.

9. 0-99 hours automatic start-up.

10. Provide intermittent drying mode to save power. (shd-dt series only for 8-10)

11. Transparent window magnet base.

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