Plastic Granular Vertical Dryer And Hopper Machine

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In the process of raw material treatment, the hopper dryer blows the constant high temperature wind into the drying barrel through the drying fan. After baking the raw material, the original moisture in the barrel is taken away to remove the moisture contained in the raw material.

 After being heated by electric heating, the air from the fan becomes hot air for drying. Through the screen protector and hole screen, the hot air can be evenly distributed in the raw materials in the drying barrel. It can be equipped with a hot air recovery device. The blown air enters the drying fan after being filtered by the return air, thus forming a closed circulation circuit and saving electricity.

Hopper dryer is the most effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, transportation or recycling.

The straight knot design is particularly suitable for direct installation on the plastic molding machine for drying, which is fast and space saving. This kind of up blowing hot air dryer can provide a loading capacity of 12-1000 kg, which can be divided into 13 types.

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