NASER Hopper Dryer

NASER Hopper Dryer

NASER Hopper Dryer Basic info; 1. Suitable for granule flake plastic material dewatering; 2. Suitable to drying equipment of water ring cutting, in water pelletizing and plastic recycling in extrusion process; 3. Speedy dewatering efficiency and high capacity, detachable built in dewatering screen for convenient cleaning; 4. Screen, using high quality stainless steel material, rotor and body, quipment is durable;

NASER Hopper Dryer 

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Basic info;

1. Suitable for granule flake plastic material dewatering;

2. Suitable to drying equipment of water ring cutting, in water pelletizing and 

     plastic recycling in extrusion process;

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3. Speedy dewatering efficiency and high capacity, detachable built in 

     dewatering screen for convenient cleaning;

4. Screen, using high quality stainless steel material, rotor and body, quipment is durable;

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  Our factory is located in HengLi Town ,DongGuan city.


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