Dryer Cabinet

Dryer Cabinet
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Cabinet dryer

1) Microcomputer controller adopted.

2) This NCD integrated conveying dehumidifier is equipped with imported honeycomb dehumidifying rotor from Pro flute, a Swedish company.

3) Micro-motor designed with the latest pendulum structure for easier achievement of dew-point.

4) Suitable for use on engineering plastic materials with strong absorption ability such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.

5) Integration of three functions in one machine, namely dehumidifying, drying and two-section material conveying. Three-section or four-section material conveying is also optional.

6) Air blowing tube designed under the heat-preserving drying barrel to effectively avoid heat dissipation and improve drying efficiency.

7) Using dual-fin cooler design to ensure a lower return air temperature and dew-point.

8) Equipped with material conveying, recycling and regenerating filter to keep the key components such as the fan and honeycomb from dust contamination.

9) The conveying system contains a material cut-off valve to make sure no remains in the tube.

10) Optional dew-point meter with real-time display of dew-point detected.

11) With recyclable and re-settable filter to make sure the honeycomb is not contaminated.

12) A thoughtful multiple security device built in.

13) Clear fault code display.

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