500KG 800KG Soundproof Crusher/ Shredder For Waste Plastic

1.Fully airtight silent designed, noise below 80db without 1m away from the machine, avoids powder contamination. 2.NPCP kind crusher usual use to crush Soft kind waste plastic material.If you want to crush hard kind waste plastic material, you need choose our NPCY kind crusher.

Product Introduction

1. Fully airtight silent designed, Compact design, elegant appearanceNoise≤70dB
2) Easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable and Low noise. 
3)Uses Japan’s high quality steel material especially for making cutter of the crushers,.
4) The blades can be grind for many times and can be used repeatedly
5)) Easy to clean and maintain; The hopper, crusher room, blades and screen can be removed and mounted easily.
6)Brand Motor and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC with
Over-loading protection

7) To crush all kinds of soft and hard plastic. High reliability,High efficiency and other plastic recycling industry


Soundproof Crusher/ Shredder for Waste Plastic


Work Principle 


Our Company

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1. Payment Terms:
T/T - 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before delivery, or other terms
2. Delivery Detail:
About 10 workdays after payments.
3. Pacage Terms:
International Standard Wooden Case for Export

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