Carton Shredder Machine Paper Crusher

Soundproof crushers, price is negotiable, shipment within 10-15 working days after deposit.

5HP Plastic Crusher Low Noise 90-120kg/h in Dongguan

Designed Features

5HP plastic crusher low noise 90-120kg/h in Dongguan is of fully closed mute design, whose noise is below 75db without 1 meter away from the machine, avoiding dust pollutions as well.
Basic specification
5HP Plastic Crusher Low Noise 90-120kg/h in Dongguan
ModelCrushing capacityPowerInto sizeStationary cutterRotary cutterMachine size


Flat plastic crusher:

1.Suitable for recycle and restore all kinds of plastic, particularly for various hard plastic, e.g. Blow molded products and shoes plastic. 
2.Claw series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades; well designed cutter base, cutter blade are able to disperse bearing& increase the power effectively of each cutter, suitable for thick materials, blow molded and so on, fully installed with electrical safely devices, double wall hopper designed,installed with soundproof material,safety and environment protection, low electricity consumption and durable.

Naser Brand  Plastic crusher is divided into High speed crusher (contains Strong Crusher,Flat cutter Crusher ),Middle speed Crusher, Low Speed Crusher , Soundproof  High speed crusher and so on

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