Slow Mute Plastic Shredder

Product Details

Slow Mute Plastic Shredder


1. Naser slow mute plastic shredder provide real expensive plastic recycling, to save money, save time, save labour, easy to manage economic effectiveness.

2. Immediately within 60 seconds, make the bad product and material floolwing is not due to oxidation. Wet (oxygen absorption water steam), dust pollution caused by plastic physical properties such as strength, density, color, luster is destroyed, it can improve the quality of the molding products.

3. Lessons is economic benefits reduce loss of plastic and artificial management, storage environment, the waste of material capital and consumption, greatly reduce the manufacturing cost, improve quality, ensure enterprise competitiveness, to ensure sustainable operation.


ModelPowerCrushing capacityRotating SpeedInto sizeMachine sizeNet weight
NPCP/Y-20M1.5KW/2HP12-20 KG/H36 R/Min180*210 mm685*460*990 mm150 KG
NPCP/Y-30M2.2KW/3HP18-30 KG/H36 R/Min250*290 mm685*560*990 mm230 KG