Slow Crusher

Slow Crusher
Product Details

Low speed plastic granulator 

1. The low speed granulators are designed without screen netting, and

to be installed beside the machines. Low sped rotation, especially for recycling of all kinds of blow molded products and scrape materials.

2. Stable function, low noise, and low dust contamination, high crushing power with good results. Without any overheating problem during the operating &it is a very durable machine.

Naser Machinery brings you quality and precise slow crusher not only as one of the best manufacturers but also one of the leading suppliers in China. With decades experience in exporting our quality products, we enjoy good reputation. You can easily wholesale our slow crusher made in China with our factory.

Model Power crushing ability crushing chamber dimensions weight
NPCP/Y-20M 1.5KW/2HP 12-20kg/h 180*210mm 685*460*990mm 150kg
NPCP/Y-30M 2.2KW/3HP 18-30kg/h 250*290mm 685*560*990mm 230kg