Middle Speed Plastic Crushing Machine

Product Details

Middle Speed Plastic Crushing Machine


  1. Middle speed plastic crushing machines are with excellent quality and simple operation. The general speed of 250 rpm is designed to granulate of runners and minimize the operating noise and wear & tear of the cutter blades, electrical & mechanical safety devices meet to European safety regulations.

  2. Small footprint

  3. Optimized cutter saddle

  4. No tools required for maintenance & cleaning up

  5. Low powder, noise, and energy saving

  6. High-grade safety


ModelInto sizeCrushing capacityRotating speedStatinary cutterRotary cutterPowerMachine sizeWeight
NPCP/Y-20Z180*17530-50 KG/H380 r/min2151.5KW/2HP605*460*1040120
NPCP/Y-30Z180*24040-80 KG/H480 r/min2212.2KW/3HP688*420*1120132