Medium Speed Plastic Shredder Machine

Middle speed plastic crushing machines are with excellent quality and simple operation. The general speed of 250 rpm is designed to granulate of runners and minimize the operating noise and wear & tear of the cutter blades, electrical & mechanical safety devices meet to European safety regulations.

Medium Speed Plastic Shredder Machine

Medium speed plastic shredder machines are applicable to the injection modling machine besides, matching with the extruding machine or the belt conveyor to crush the runners or a small quantity of defective products, With feature of low rotational speed, low noise, less dust and convenient operation.


ModelInto sizeCrushing capacityRotating speedStatinary cutterRotary cutterPowerMachine sizeWeight
NPCP/Y-20Z180*17530-50 KG/H380 r/min2151.5KW/2HP605*460*1040120
NPCP/Y-30Z180*24040-80 KG/H480 r/min2212.2KW/3HP688*420*1120132



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