Low Speed Plastic Shredding Machine

Naser low speed shredding machine provide real expensive plastic recycling, to salve money, save time, save labour, easy to manage economic effectiveness. We also provide high speed crusher, welcome to contact us if there is any needs.

Low Speed Plastic Shredding Machine


Product Feature

1. The low speed shredding machines are designed without screen netting. and to be installed besind the machines. Low speed rotation, specially for recycling of all kinds od blow molded products and scrape materials.

2. Stable function, low noise and low dustcontamiantion, high crushing power with good results. Without any overheating problem during the operationg. It is a very durable machine.


ModelPowerCrushing capacityRotating SpeedInto sizeMachine sizeNet weight
NPCP/Y-20M1.5KW/2HP12-20 KG/H36 R/Min180*210 mm685*460*990 mm150 KG
NPCP/Y-30M2.2KW/3HP18-30 KG/H36 R/Min250*290 mm685*560*990 mm230 KG
NPCP/Y-50M4KW/55HP30-80 KG/H29 R/Min560*410 mm1500*700*1750 mm550 KG

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