NASER Heavy-duty Crusher

NASER Heavy-duty Crusher
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NASER Heavy-duty Crusher

 It is suitable for some big plastic material sunch as :rubber remnants .

For some material that is not can be tackled by conventional crusher machine .

It is fixed with screw bolt and is easy remove.

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Plastic crusher as the name implies is broken plastic material crusher. During the production of raw materials for injection molding machines or pelletizers, the defective products and nozzles produced can be promptly thrown into the machine-side plastic crusher. After the crushing is OK, the crushed remains clean and dry. In the case of ratios, raw materials and nozzles are crushed, mixed, and molded to produce good products for recycling. The benefit of “crushing ratio mixing and recovery system” formed by plastic crusher and other auxiliary machines (dryer, dehumidifier, chiller, mold temperature machine, etc.) is that the water does not contaminate and the physical properties of the plastic—strength , Density, color luster is protected from damage, so the quality of the product can be improved; its benefits include cost and material savings, automation of process management improvements, quasi-unmannured workshop operations, increased competitiveness, and environmentally friendly manufacturing activities.


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