NASER Flat Cutter

NASER Flat Cutter
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NASER Flat Cutter

NASER CRUSHER with double wall hopper and sound proof material . 

Motor is equippped with over -load protertor,and durable .

Stainless steel hopper for all model available.

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Before starting, it is necessary to use manpower to move the transmission wheel one or two revolutions. After confirming that the movement is flexible, it can be started. Wait until the crusher is operating normally

Before stopping operation, stop the feeding and discharge the material in the machine before cutting off the motor power supply.

In the operation should pay attention to the temperature of the bearing, to ensure that the bearing maintains a good lubrication state, and pay attention to abnormal sound and vibration. When an abnormal situation is found, it is necessary to stop and check whether it is caught by an unbreakable item or whether the mechanism is damaged.



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     Flaw Cutter

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