Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher Machine

NASER plastic crusher machine is suitable for recycle of plastic casing ,thin tube plastics,sprues from injection & moulding sector,bottle plastics and shell plastics. Spacious flat cutter blades is suitable to granulate bulky & thin plastics,increases effocoency;installed with electrical safety devices;double wall hopper with sound-proof material.Motor is equipped with over-load protector ,and durable .Stainless steel hopper for all model is avaiable.

Plastic crusher machine 

Plastic crusher machine

Special Features:

Introduces the international advanced recycling technology and integrate with the domestic actual using conditions ,the PET bottle crushing and cleaning production line takes the advantages of high recovery.


Function :recycle of the PET bottle scraps,the packing container and waste plastic.

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Flat cutter

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plastic crusher mesh


plastic crusher 


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