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Polystyrene,PP,PE Waste Recycling Crusher Machine is suitable of recycle and restore of all kind of plastic, particularly for various hard plastic.

Polystyrene,PP,PE Waste Recycling Crusher Machine

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plastic crusher with claw cutter

NASER Brand are primarily used to break up every kind of thermoplastic and rubber, such as plastics profile material, tube, stick, silk thread, film, discard old rubber product. The granule provide the extrusion and injection directly.
Naser Brand  Plastic crusher is divided into High speed crusher (contains Strong Crusher , Flat cutter Crusher ), Middle speed Crusher, Low Speed Crusher , Soundproof  High speed crusher and so on
It is special used to break and recover the thermoplastic PVC, PE, ABS, PS, EVA, aluminum plastic composite tube, shoe sole, spiral tube, etc., rising economic benefit obviously.

To fill 30-50% of grind powder in process formulation, its various index signs of chemistry and physics performance keep constant compared to new material, the product is sold very well, and exported to many countries.

1) Easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable and Low noise. 
2)Uses Japan’s high quality steel material especially for making cutter of the crushers,.
3) The blades can be grind for many times and can be used repeatedly
4)) Easy to clean and maintain; The hopper, crusher room, blades and screen can be removed and mounted easily.
5)Brand Motor and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC with Over-loading protection

6) To crush all kinds of soft and hard plastic. High reliability,High efficiency and other plastic recycling industry.

Crushing capacityKG/H300-600
Into sizeMM460*300
Cutter SizeMM440*280
Stationary CutterPcs2
Rotary CutterPcs6
Machine WeightKG1000
Motor Brand Taiwan Guanhua
Electical Equipment BrandFrance Schneider
Cutter BrandJapan Chrome molybdenum vanadium steel

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