Strong Waste PET Bottle Plastic Crusher Machine With Factory Price

Soundproof crushers, price is negotiable, shipment within 15-20 working days after deposit. Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of plastic,particularly for various hard plastics,e.g.blow molded products and shoe last.

Basic specification

5HP Plastic Crusher Low Noise in Dongguan Factory
ModelCrushing capacityPowerInto sizeStationary cutterRotary cutterMachine size


1.Fully airtight silent designed, noise below 75db without 1 meter away from the machine, avoids powder contamination.
2. Elegant designed with options available.
3. Installed with heat transmitting system, expel heat generated from the electric motor, protection and safety without any problem for long hours operation.
4. Stainless steel material storage tank easy for cleaning & re-move stainless steel suction spout available upon require.
5.Installed with safety protection system & CE auth indicated electrical appliances meeting the European safety standard.
6. Installed with electrical phase controlled & power isolator safety operation and simple maintenance.
7. Installed with power isolator, safety operation and simple maintenance.
8. Movable stainless steel multi-positional tray feed & closes for complete soundproof operation.

1.Free repair within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way, do not include the daily maintaining,also we will not afford the travel expense out of ZHUJIANG delta.

2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory to see this machine.

3.We provide detail machine technical specification, electric diagram, installation book, operating manual, drawings.

4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.

5.We offer OEM.

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