Recycling Shredder Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine Plastic Crusher

Recycling Shredder Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine Plastic Crusher

.Tailored to meet a wide variety of requirements,able to granulate&recycle all kinds of plastics material of different texture and shapes. .Well constructed with unique mechanical parts to ensure precision. .Strong structure,easy to operate,low electricity consumption&precision. .Full safety device install,to ensure safe operation. .Double wall hopper designed,low noise.

Recycling Shredder Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine Plastic Crusher

NASER is an over 20 years professionalindustrial water chiller and plastic auxiliary machine manufacturer in Guangdong,China.It mainly produces scroll chiller,screw chiller,cooling tower and plastic auxiliary machine including plastic color mixer,plastic crusher,plastic vacuum loader,plastic dryer, cabinet dryer and mould temperature controller.We have CE and UL certification. 



1.Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of plastics,particularly for various hard plastics,e.g.blow molded products and shoe last.

2.Claw series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades are able to disperse bearing force&increase the power effectively of each cutter&reduces ware and tear,fully installed with electrical safety devices.Double wall hopper designed installed with soundproof material,safety and environment concern;Low electricity consumption and durale.


Crushing capacity:500-800kg/h


Into size:515*330mm

Stationary cutter:2PCS

Rotary cutter:27PCS

Cutter size:495*300mm

Machine size:L1400*W1060*H1600mm


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