Claw Cutter Plastic Crusher

Claw Cutter Plastic Crusher
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Claw Cutter Plastic Crusher

1.Suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds of ,plastics, particularly for various hard plastics, such as blow molded products and shoe last

2. NPCY claw series are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades, well designed cutter base, cutter blades are able to disperse bearing force and increase ware and tear, fully installed with electrical safety devices. Double wall hopper designed installed with soundproof material, safety and environment concern; Low electricity consumption and durable

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Crushing capacityKG/H150-400
Into sizeMM400*250
Cutter SizeMM385*240
Stationary CutterPcs2
Rotary CutterPcs21
Machine WeightKG740
Motor Brand Taiwan Guanhua
Electical Equipment BrandFrance Schneider
Cutter BrandJapan Chrome molybdenum vanadium steel