Aser High Productivity Ataionary Claw Cutter Saddle Powerful Crusher Industrial System

The industrial chiller is divided into two categories: water-cooled chiller and air-cooled chiller. water-cooles chiller cooled by water, using with cooling tower and water pump, the other cooled by fan,can be used independently.


Industrial Powerful Crusher


Product Description


The industrial crusher has the following features:

1.The industrial crusher is divided into five categories: plastic crusher & strong granulations, flat crusher, minicomputer and crusher,quickly broken recycling machine and soundproof crusher.  plastic crusher & strong granulationshas strong crusher, flat crusher crushing by Knife. quickly broken recycling machine and soundproof crusher with low noise.

2.Our compressor is imported from Italy,France and so on, being of  high-quality built-in safe protection, with low noise, the electricity of province is durable.

3. Crushing capacity range: 2.2~100KW 
4. Crusher is suitable for recycle and restore of all kinds plastic, particularly for various hard plastics,e.g. blow molde products and shoelast.

5. Claw serise are easy to operate and simple to replace cutter blades are able to disperse bearing force&increase the prower effectively of each cutter&reduces ware and tear,fully installed with electrical safety devices.double wall hoper designed installed withsoundproof material, safety and enviroment concern; Low  electrictiy consumption and durable.
6. The quantity of compressor can be one or two ,each compressor is independent refrigeration system. Each other run independently.when the one is working ,the other can be working or not.







Packaging & Shipping


Our Services

  1.Free repair within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way, do not include the daily maintaining,also we will not afford the travel expense out of ZHUJIANG delta.
2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory to see this machine.
3.We provide detail machine technical specification, electric diagram, installation book, operating manual, drawings
4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.
5.We offer OEM 

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