Vertical Stirrer With Drying Function

Vertical Stirrer With Drying Function

PE PP Heating Temperature: 65-80 Abc as Heating Temperature: 70-90 PA Heating Temperature: 90-100 Mixing Time: 3-5 Minutes Per Batch Screwing Leave Thickness: 3mm

vertical stirrer with drying function

vertical stirrer is a kind of big volume mixer.

Naser vertical stirrer volume from 500kg to 8000kg, and  the density is 0.8.

vertical stirrer with drying function -Vertical mixing dryer specification:

1.Thickness of big bucket is from 1.2 to 2.5mm, screwing leaves thickness is 3mm
2. Screwing pole diameter is 76mm.
3. 380V/220V/440, 3PHASE 50/60hz


1. Material tank and propeller blades are made of stainless steel, eliminating rust corrosion and easy to wash;
2. The frame is of framework design, solid and durable;
3. Propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steedy operation;
4. The standing operation allows little space;
5. Mixing in a sealed manner, uniform mixing and no leakage definitely;
6. Small horse-power, large mixing capacity and fast speed to realize a uniform mixing in 3~5 minutes;
7. Oil filler and material discharging device are designed at frame bottom, with durable bearings.

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