Food And Plastic Granular Tscrew Vertical Stirrer Granular Materials Mixer

1. The motor uses famous brands with high quality and stable capacity. 2. Naser Plastic color mixer uses microcomputer controller which is Schneider. 3. The internal surface of the equipment and both mixing pail and paddle made is made of stainless steel to avoid pollute the raw material. 4. Time setting can be controlled easily and Precisely in the range of 0 - 30minutes. 5. Standard voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase. (Can be customized according to customers’request)

Screw Plastic Mixer Equipment with Competitive Price

screw mixer

Screw vertical mixer

ModelPower(Kw/Hp)Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Measure(mm)Mixing Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
NPM-V500-SC34500380 3 φ1450*1100*2200300450
NPM-V1000-SC1.55.51000380 3 φ1580*1380*3100300630
7.52000380 3 φ1890*1680*34703001050
NPM-V3000-SC7.5103000380 3 φ2350*2130*35603001250
NPM-V5000-SC15205000380 3 φ2350*2130*53503001750
NPM-V8000-SC18.5258000380 3 φ2650*2530*60003002250

The working principle of screw color mixing machine

Using the rapid rotation of the screw, the raw materials are lifted from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top, and then scattered in an umbrella shape, and returned to the bottom, so that the raw materials are stirred up and down in the barrel, and a large amount of raw materials can be uniformly mixed in a short time. .

How about the quality of your product?
-- Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard.
-- We have CE ,ISO certification
-- We take a test on every product before delivery.
How about price of this product?
-- We can give the lowest price than market one.
-- We do quotation as soon as possible for any customer.
-- Discount can be given according to quantity.
What is the MOQ?
-- 1 set.
Can you do custom-made machines?
-- We can make products according to customer's requirements.

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