Industry 1000kg Color Masterbatch Granular Plastic Screw Vertical Mixer Blender

Working principle: The vertical stirrers are able to perform even mixture for large volume of material in short mixing time by utilizing the paddles rotation to gatherthe material from the bottom of dump center to the top,shed the material flow back to the bottom and complete the mixing function in a short period of time.

♦♦The parts which may touch raw material are all made of stainless steel.

♦♦Easy to clean and avoid becoming rusty.

♦♦Small horse power, large mixing capacity, high speed, mixing in an enclosed space, mixing evenly, no leakage.

♦♦Screw blades moving in spirals and cycles makes mixing more evenly and quickly.

♦♦The frame is of framework design, solid and durable. The standing operation allows little space.

♦♦Material discharging device is designed at frame bottom, with durable bearings.

♦♦Installed with power control device to ensure safety.

♦♦Customizable for drying type model.

Product Features

1.Helical circular mixture, fast and equal stirring.
2.Suitable for all kind of plastic raw material&color.
3.Fully stainless steel contacting parts,rust free & easy to clean.
4.Installed with power control device to ensure safety.




VoltageMachine Size mmMixing speed


How about the quality of your product?
-- Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard.
-- We have CE ,ISO certification
-- We take a test on every product before delivery.
How about price of this product?
-- We can give the lowest price than market one.
-- We do quotation as soon as possible for any customer.
-- Discount can be given according to quantity.
What is the MOQ?
-- 1 set.
If you can be custom-made?
-- We can make products according to customer's requirements.
What is the voltage?

-- 380V 50hz 3 phase or any other voltage according to client's requirement.

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