Commercial Dough Mixer Plastic Rotary Mixer Powder Weight Screw Automatic

360 degrees rotation and mixing allow random loading or unloading, very easy to operate. Mixing timer able to set within 0~30 minutes.

Drum Tumblers Mixers Blender Blending Machine for Plastic 

1. The motor uses famous brands with high quality and stable capacity.

2. Naser Plastic color mixer uses microcomputer controller which is schneider.

3. The internal surface of the equipment and both mixing pail and paddlemade is made of stainless steel to avoid pollute the raw material.

4. Time setting can be controlled easily and Precisely in the range of 0 - 30minutes.

5. Standard voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase. (Can be customized according to customers’request)

6. Interlock protection device to ensure the safety for the operator.

7. High-adjustable support frame, universal feet wheel and brake, easy for adjusting and moving.

8. Finish even mixing in short time. Low energy consumption, high efficiency Automatic stop device.

9. Attractive appearance, easy-dismount design, convenient for maintenance.

10.  Comprehensive 360-degree rotation& mixing allow random loading or unloading, easy to operate.

11.  Novel adoption of screen mesh protector, perfect structure, elegant with function and safe operate.

        Drum Tumblers Mixers Blender Blending Machine for Plastic 
ModelPower(Kw/Hp)Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Measure(mm)Mixing   Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
NPM-T500.75150380   3 φ90x89x14046120
NPM-T1001.52100380   3 φ102x110x15046147

rotary mixing machine

plastic rotary mixer

Features of Drum Mixer Series:

1. The barrel body is made of imported stainless steel, the welding is firm, the surface is bright and easy to clean;

2. 360-degree rotation mixing in all directions, arbitrary positioning of feeding and discharging, easy operation;

3. The first mesh protection cover, reasonable structure, beautiful and practical, to ensure safe operation;

4. The timer can select the mixing time between 0-30 minutes.

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