Horizontal Mixer For Dough Plastic And Food Cream Powder Or Granules

Product Description 1.Stainless steel pail and paddles, rust free and easy to clean; 2.Hopper could incline as much as 100 degrees, easy for unloading; 3.Chain secure device ensures safety for operator and machine. Mixing timer able to set within 0~30 minutes

Horizontal Mixer For Mixing Plastic Material Granules

The working principle of horizontal screw belt mixer the horizontal cylinder of the gravity free mixer is equipped with two rotating and reverse blades. The blades rotate the material in a certain angle along the axial and radial direction, which makes the material mix quickly and evenly.

The performance characteristics of the horizontal mixer are that the rotating speed of the shaft driven by the reducer and the structure of the blades will weaken the material gravity. With the lack of gravity, the particle size of each material exists The difference of specific gravity is ignored in the mixing process.

The intense agitation shortens the mixing time, which is faster and more efficient. Even if the material has the difference of specific gravity and particle size, it can achieve a good mixing effect under the rapid and violent tossing of staggered mixing blades.

The horizontal screw belt mixer is applied to the solid-solid (i.e. powder and powder) solid-liquid (i.e. powder and glue liquid) mixing of pesticides, veterinary drugs, food, chemicals, biology, aquaculture, ceramics, refractories, plastics, compound fertilizers, etc. it is also especially suitable for the mixing of viscous materials.

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