Dry Mixer

Dry Mixer
Product Details


1.Temperature and timer control in one unit, convenient for parameters setting;

2.Well-designed structure, easy to operate.

3.Stainless steel construction, easy to clean;

4.Doyle layer protection to maintain temperature.

5.Mixing in airtight chamber, magnetic separation process(optional)

6.Automatic alarm for overload protection.

Working principle:

The dry color mixer series operated in high-speed rotation of mixing, to cause plastic particle churn and collide, thus raise temperature by friction. Color materials mixed while moisture evaporated from exhaust pipe. 

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Dry color mixer
ModelPower(Kw/Hp)Capacity(kg)Voltage(V)Measure(mm)Mixing   Speed(r/min)Weight(kg)
NPM-25-SD5.57.525380   3 φ1000x690x1240610200
NPM-50-SD7.51050380   3 φ1170x830x1350610230
NPM-100-SD1520100380   3 φ1340x980x1520610270
NPM-200-SD3040200380   3 φ1700x300x1700610700