Vertical Color Mixer For Granules

Vertical Color Mixer For Granules

Vertical paddle feature: Stainless steel paddle with scientific structure/ able to mix raw material completely; minimize load, save time and electricity; Made of premium stainless steel, high strength and easy to clean.

vertical color mixer for granules

Vertical  color mixer.jpg


Vertical color mixer is mainly used for mixing dry powder, granules, a small amount of liquid and other trace elements. For example: coloring plastic granules


Pot body and blade adopt stainless steel

» Vertical structure with castor wheels, small size, removing easily

» Vertical reducer motor adopted ensures low noise and long operation hours

» Fast complete mixing, low energy consumption and high productivity

» Pail cover and bottom parts and compress formed precisely matched and durable

» Mixing time able to set within 0-30 minutes

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