Mixing In Airtight Cellular Dry Plastic Color Mixer

1.The industrial crusher is divided into five categories: plastic crusher & strong granulations, flat crusher, minicomputer and crusher,quickly broken recycling machine and soundproof crusher. plastic crusher & strong granulationshas strong crusher, flat crusher crushing by Knife. quickly broken recycling machine and soundproof crusher with low noise.


1.The drying color mixing machine integrates temperature and time control into one, which is convenient for setting various parameters.


2.The drying color mixing machine well-designedstructure, easy to operate.


3. Mixing capacity range: 50-200KG

4. It has stainless steel construction, and easy to clean.

5. The drying color mixing machine has double wall protection to maintain temperature.

6.mixing in artight cellular, magnetic separetion process(optins avaliable)

7. Mixing timer able to set within 0-30 minutes.

8. Use PLC microcomputer control from France Schneider, both English and Chinese human-machine interface. 

9.The dry color mixer series operated in high-speed rotation of to cause plastic particles chum and collide, thus raise temperature by friction.Color materials and evaporate moistive rapidly.







Our Services

  1.Free repair within 1 year of guarantee on the condition of operate the machine in the right way, do not include the daily maintaining,also we will not afford the travel expense out of ZHUJIANG delta.
2. Our factory provide machine testing when customer come to our factory to see this machine.
3.We provide detail machine technical specification, electric diagram, installation book, operating manual, drawings
4.We can provide engineers to customer's factory to help installation and training workers if customer required.
5.We offer OEM



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