Single-vacuum Plastic Loaders

Single-vacuum Plastic Loaders
Product Details


1. Stand Alone Type Auto Loaders ,Which hot machine small footprint & light,to be paced directly on other machination container for auto loading,easy&safe to operate

2. Auto loader is used for loading plastic resin to hopper dryer or plastic injection molding machine automatically.

3. The impeller of the ring blower with a unique design is featuring not only for prevention of noise but also more blowing power taking advantage of higher airflow pressure as well as air volume inflow.

4. Separated design of cyclone can collect dust at first and cartridge filter works for filtering dust again by one after another.

5. Limit switch attached to the damper of the cyclone detects resin-lack and automatically transfer material to the cyclone. 

6. Cyclone made with stainless steel is not only good for prevention of rust but also easy cleaning and material change of different color

7. Microcomputer controller;

8. High-speed provocativeness motor of small foot print an strong-suction force for new material for NAL-300G/NAL-400G.

Naser Machinery brings you quality and precise single-vacuum plastic loaders not only as one of the best manufacturers but also one of the leading suppliers in China. With decades experience in exporting our quality products, we enjoy good reputation. You can easily wholesale our single-vacuum plastic loaders made in China with our factory.

MotorTypeCarbon   BrushInduction Carbon   BrushInductionInductionInductionInductionInduction
Feeding ability(kg/h)300400300400450500600600
Material Sucking lift(m)44455677
Static wind pressure15001500150018002100240024002400
Capacity   of material barrel(L)
Diameter   of feeding pipe(mm)38383838383838/5138/52
Appearance size(cm)40*36*5250*37*6637*50*5546*38*6446*38*6460*38*8060*38*8060*38*80