High Capacity Vacuum Loader

NASER vacuum loader, a kind of auxiliary equipment, can be used together with kind of plastic machines and hot-wind drying machines, adopting international advanced technology

                                           High Capacity Vacuum Loader


Vacuum Loader Advantages

1. Stable control system: The microcomputer control system can be used to control the work accurately. The operating status indicator on the operation panel can clearly understand the operation of the machine.

2. Free match: The system can be controlled by 1-3 suction hoppers and 1 mainframe maintenance-free fan station, combined into a small central feeding conveyor system or a separate fan station and a suction hopper. Carry out raw materials.

3. Efficient automated operation: The plastic raw materials are quickly and cleanly transported to the hopper of the forming machine, drying equipment and storage bins. The plastic raw materials are transported to the designated location in a timely and accurate manner, which can ensure continuous production in the production process. Avoid production stoppage due to lack of materials, no material spillage on the production floor, improve worksite cleanliness and safety hazards, and save manpower.


ModelMotor SpecVoltage



Barrel (L)Dia of Pipe (MM)






Voltage can be customized according to client's requirement.

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Pictures and Installing:


800G 安装图.jpg

Shipment and Case

Shipment and case.jpg

NASER is a factory in China for many years. We mainly produce industrial chiller, cooling tower and plastic auxiliary machine. Automatic vacuum hopper loader is one type product, welcome to contact us if there is any needs.

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