Automatic Vacuum Feeder-NAL-400g

Automatic Vacuum Feeder-NAL-400g

NASER full-automatic vacuum feeder is a kind of auxillary equipment ,can be together with kind of plastic machines and heat-wind drying machines.Adopting international advanced technology.It is made of stainless-steel,saving labour and ensuring safe feeding operation.It has alarm design when the material feed is empty and it also has motor overloading protection system .It is widely wecomed by a lot of manufactures.

Automatic Vacuum Feeder(NAL-400g)

Automatic vacuum feeder

Product Description:

1.Easy to install and operate.

Computerized operation program.

High -speed motor with a small size and strong loading capacity.

2.Motor automatic protection system with alarm for.

*Main machine with hopper designed single, safe and easy. Independent filter device, with automatic easy removal of dust reverses

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