Auto Vacuum Hopper Loaders For Plastic Materials

automatic suction machine, a kind of auxiliary equipment, can be used together with kind of plastic machines and hot-wind drying machines.

plastic feeder /Vacuum hopper loader factory

The auto loader machine is widely used in the raw material transportation of injection molding, and can be automatically fed to the injection molding machine.

When there is a lack of material in the barrel of the injection molding machine, a signal will be given to the suction machine.

The auto loader machine uses the principle of ventilation to deliver plastic raw materials to the barrel of the injection molding machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the suction opportunity stops, and when the material is not enough, it can be conveyed again.

structure diagram

auto loader

auto loader


300G microcomputer automatic suction machine (also known as suction machine, feeder, feeder, automatic suction machine, vacuum filler, feeder, feeder, feeder, feeder, filler, suction , Vacuum suction machine, vacuum feeder) product automatic suction machine features: MICOM computer control operation. The independent filter device prevents dust accumulation. The silent device reduces the running noise. The stainless steel storage tank is light, durable and easy to clean. Automatic buzzer warning for lack of material. Motor overload automatic protection device and material shortage alarm. It can also provide a high-power suction machine with an hourly conveying capacity of 1000KG*1500KG, AL-300G microcomputer operation control program; material shortage alarm; high-speed rectifier motor, small size, strong suction, suitable for new material conveying; equipped with dust bag , No need to dismantle the host for cleaning; with air filter.

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