Feed Processing Machines Vacuum Hopper Feeder

Vacuum Loader Machine/Plastic Loading Machine/Vacuum Hopper Feeder is widely used in plastic extrusion field, it can help to load raw material both for pellet or granules from a far distance place, save the labor, make the workshop clean.

Vacuum Loader Machine/Plastic Loading Machine/Vacuum Hopper Feeder

The control device starts the vacuum motor to extract the air in the hopper, and at the same time closes the blanking valve device, so that a negative pressure is generated in the copy hopper.

Under the effect of negative pressure, the external materials are carried into the hopper 100 by the air flow through the feeding pipe.

At the end of the labor time, the vacuum motor stops working, the internal blanking valve device valve is pushed open by the raw material, and the material flows out of the hopper into the injection molding machine or extruder or other equipment.

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