Working Principle Of Cooling Tower

Working Principle Of Cooling Tower

Date:Jul 14, 2017

Working principle of Cooling Tower

It and open type Cooling Tower biggest difference lies in: the Cooling Tower will be cooling medium by the cooling water and air outside the coil pipe and tube heat exchanger, form a closed loop system, avoid the cooling medium in contact with air and cause contamination, leading to blocked by the waste of cooling medium, equipment failure and affect the normal use. The equipment is suitable for use in harsh environment such as drought, water shortage and sandstorm. It can form a complete set of central air conditioning, instrumentation, metallurgy of intermediate frequency electric furnace, converter, power generators, steam turbine power plant, substation, chemical, pharmaceutical, welding, rolling aluminum, copper foil with cooling oil, industrial manufacturing, such as large hydraulic machinery hydraulic oil field use.

To apply to different cooling medium, the company developed the carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel tube, aluminum tube of different materials, such as heat exchange coil, structure with elliptic, thread type, nodal type tube as a cooling tube, closed cooling. The structure form of the cooler has two kinds: coil and tube.

Cooling Tower structure and usage

Cooling fan: it can be made into fiberglass, carbon steel spray and stainless steel according to different user requirements. Ordinary, variable frequency of large air volume, low noise fan.

Dehydrator: to save precious water resources. The high efficiency dehydrator is installed in the lower part of the fan, which effectively controls the flowing loss of water.

Water supply system: the upper water pipe adopts PVC pipe and pump with low lift, large flow, low power, low noise pipe pump.

Enter the wind and shan: according to different usage, PVC or carbon steel can be used to make different shapes of incoming wind and shan, no blockage and direct sunlight, thus causing cooling water algae to breed and breeding microorganisms.

Cooling Tower Automatic water replenishment device: in order to replenish the water loss due to evaporation, the installation has automatic water filling device, which is convenient and flexible.

Filter: to avoid the water pump clogging, causing the shutdown, the installation of a strainer at the inlet. Prevent weeds and other debris from entering the water pump and cause a stop failure.

Cooling Tower Shell: in order to adapt to bad environment, shell can be made of carbon steel according to user requirements plastic spraying equipment, stainless steel, hot galvanized, plastic spraying, a variety of forms such as internal galvanizing external coating equipment shell.

Spray water: a large flow spiral nozzle is adopted. High flow, no clogging, uniform water, no dead Angle.

Efficient heat exchange coil: Cooling Tower according to different usage requirements. Material: stainless steel tube, copper tube, carbon steel pipe. Aluminum alloy tube. Tube shape: elliptic tube, thread tube, wave tube. The carbon steel is controlled and then the whole hot zinc embalming.

Collecting water tank: can be used according to the requirement, adopt stainless steel, carbon steel plate spray, hot galvanized sheet spray, high strength, long service life.

Cooling Tower The system adopts closed-circuit cycle, which effectively avoids the scaling in the cooling tube, causes the blockage, and damages the electronic components (such as the tube, thyristor, electric hyperexciter, induction coil, capacitor, etc.).

Cooling Tower It is used in high frequency and medium frequency quenching equipment to ensure the stability and loss of quenching liquid. The multi-stage segmentation is used to control the pressure. The cooling water and quenching liquid are cooled in the same equipment, and the cost of additional equipment is not required.

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