What Methods Can Chiller Equipment Be Used For Lubrication?

What Methods Can Chiller Equipment Be Used For Lubrication?

Date:Nov 22, 2018

1、Drip lubrication method

Use oil cups and oil pipelines to send the oil to the parts that should be refueled, or fill the oil with oil pots on time.

2. Pressure lubrication method

This method is adopted in the large and medium-sized compressors with crossheads.

3. Injection lubrication method

The injected oil mist trails the gas into the lubricating place such as the cylinder, such as the super-slide compressor, the high-pressure compressor and the screw compressor are all lubricated with injection oil.

4. Oil ring lubrication method

The rotating shaft is used to drive the oil ring that is actively placed on the shaft, and the oil ring brings the oil in the oil pool into the bearing and enters the circulation lubrication.

5. Splash lubrication method

The oil rod is mounted on the connecting rod to splash the oil to the lubrication parts, so that the cylinder and the moving mechanism can only use the same lubricating oil. This method is mostly used in small compressors without crossheads. However, the oil is not well filtered, and it is inconvenient to operate. The oil level of the industrial chiller must be strictly controlled.

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