What Is A-thermal Conductivity

What Is A-thermal Conductivity

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Chlorine and Ang of adiabatic index than ammonia small, industrial cold water machine in high of compression than Xia row temperatures degrees still is low, while compressor not appeared overheating, life extended, another party lizard lubricants almost not by damage, can without regeneration directly sent concave compressor crankshaft clamp, while, without worried appropriate improve sucking temperatures degrees (inhale temperature not allows over L5 ℃) and caused exhaust temperature high so freon refrigeration system often using back hot device to improve refrigeration efficiency. -T characteristics of regenerative cycle is a freon system.

Using a heat exchanger in a high temperature and pressure to forgive sins before the expansion valve refrigerant evaporator with low temperature and low pressure-gas heat exchange agents, overheat the liquid cooled, gas refrigeration cycle regenerative cycle. From refrigeration principle, when the dark liquid refrigerant before the expansion valve with a larger degree of supercooling, envoys valve refrigerant temperature before and after reduction, so that the Flash of refrigerant vapors after throttling to reduce, also achieved the purpose of reducing throttle loss. If the throttle valve for liquid cooled condenser or cold before, of course, can increase and coefficient of cooling ability, but t for the regenerative cycle with high pressure liquid refrigerant subcooling at the same time, will lead to low temperature gas temperature of the refrigerant, making it difficult to judge the application system because of the concave thermal cycling can improve cooling capacity and coefficient.

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