Vacuum Hopper Auto Loader

Vacuum Hopper Auto Loader

Date:Mar 21, 2017

High Capacity Plastic Auto Loader for Injection Machine


NASER full-automatic suction machine, a kind of auxiliary equipment, can be used together with kind of plastic machines and hot-wind drying machines, adopting international advanced technology, its made of stainless-steel, saving labor and ensuring safe feeding operation, it has alarm design when the material is empty and it also has motor over-loading protection system, it is widely welcomed by a lot of manufacturers.

Separate Full Automatic Stainless Steel Plastic Hopper Loader:


1.Host machine separated from the hopper, easy and safe to operate;


2.Independent filter for easy cleaning;


3.Stainless hopper; 


4.Microcomputer controlled;


5.Alarm for overload and lack of material; 


6.High-speed rectifier motor of small footprint and strong suction force for new material for NAL-700G;


7.Induction high pressure pump of low noise and long service time for NAL-800G and NAL-800G2;


8.Reverse cleaning for NAL-800G and NAL-800G2. 


9. Separate control box for easy maintenance;


10. Auto-buzzer will give alarm when lacking material; 


11.Auto-protection device protects motor against overloading;


12. Standard voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 Phase(optional);

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