Types Of Chiller

Types Of Chiller

Date:Mar 16, 2018

Types of chiller

In the refrigeration industry is divided into air-cooled chiller and water cooled chiller two kinds, according to the compressor is divided into screw water chillers and scroll type water chiller, on the temperature control can be divided into industrial cold water machine in low temperature and common temperature cold water machine, cold temperature control in the range of 0-35 degrees. The temperature control of the cryogenic unit is generally about 0 to -100 degrees.

The chiller is also known as refrigerating machine, refrigeration unit, ice water unit, cooling equipment, etc. Because of the wide use of various industries, the requirements of the chiller are different. Its working principle is a multi-function machine, removing the liquid vapor through the compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycle.

Water cooled screw type chiller 


Air cooled screw type chiller 


Water cooled scroll type chiller 

10ton water cooled water chiller.jpg

Air cooled scroll type chiller 

Open type chiller 

NWS-16WC-2 open type.jpg

Low temperature water chiller 


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