Three Things That Japanese Tourists Envy Most About China

Three Things That Japanese Tourists Envy Most About China

Date:Jul 04, 2020

Japan is a neighbouring country that we are more familiar with. As it becomes more and more convenient to go abroad, many tourists visit Japan every year, and Japan’s clean streets, gorgeous cherry blossoms and hot springs are also sought after by people around the world. , Which makes Japan a popular tourist destination, attracting people from all over the world to travel.

Although the scenery in Japan is very beautiful, it is inevitable that you will always feel tired of seeing the same kind of scenery. In addition, the transportation is very developed now, so many people in Japan also travel abroad, and our country has become one of their tourist destinations, such as Shanghai. A city that Japanese tourists love to go to. After many Japanese tourists come to China to travel, they envy China a little bit. Those who most admire China are these three things:

First, the fruit is cheap

We often can’t help but find that the fruits on the Tucao market are expensive. If you go abroad, you will find that the fruits in some countries are really expensive. To what extent are they expensive? Most fruits are sold individually, and even one fruit is divided into several parts for sale. , And Japan is such a country, the price of fruit is very expensive.

Second, there are many private cars in China.

With the development of the economy, more and more people buy cars. Now most Chinese people have their own private cars. People can often drive their own private cars to travel, which is very convenient. Although Japan has a developed economy, it has a small land area and a relatively large population density. Especially in first-tier cities like Tokyo, it is really not easy to own your own car, not because you can’t afford it, but because there are few parking lots. There are parking fees that are not really expensive, and keeping a car is really difficult.

But now our country also has the problem of difficult parking in the center of big cities. The money spent on parking spaces is also a lot. Although the convenience of a car is a lot, the overhead is indeed much larger, so I can understand why the Japanese would Envy us in this matter.

The third thing is garbage disposal.

Japan has high requirements on the environment, and there are many regulations for throwing garbage. For example, it is necessary to classify garbage and it is very detailed. It also needs to throw garbage and pay management fees within a specified time. It is much more convenient to throw garbage in our country. You only need to throw the garbage into the trash bin without paying. It is no wonder that Japan will envy us.

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