Three Major Restrictive Factors In The Development Of Domestic Screw Water Chiller Industry

Three Major Restrictive Factors In The Development Of Domestic Screw Water Chiller Industry

Date:Jun 28, 2017

Three Major Restrictive Factors in the Development of Domestic screw water chiller Industry
A screw water chiller is a screw water chiller that generates water by cooling the water through an evaporator by a screw water chiller system screw water chiller. According to the principle of evaporator and generation process, the shape of ice is different. The energy efficiency level of screw water chiller in our country still has many gaps. From the overall environment of our country, the national policy of building a good environment, For the screw water chiller industry more rapid development, creating the best policy conditions.
After decades of development, whether it is the scale of production or technical level, have greatly improved in the national economy to play a more and more role. However, due to screw water chiller equipment, a wide range of applications, different areas are also different requirements. With the rapid development of various industries, the requirements of the screw water chiller equipment is also getting higher and higher. And from the present, China's screw water chiller industry is still the main three major deficiencies.
First, the introduction of foreign advanced technology can not digest and absorb in a timely manner. In the industrial field, China's screw water chiller industry and foreign contact is relatively early. The mid-eighties of the twentieth century, China began to introduce advanced foreign technology, and the establishment of a number of joint ventures. But now, China's screw water chiller industry's technological progress is far from being able to meet the needs of other industries, especially some cutting-edge technology and products still can not independently developed.
Second, the overall quality of screw water chiller industry to be improved. As with other domestic industries, China's screw water chiller industry, a serious shortage of senior skilled workers has become an indisputable fact. Most of the old craftsmen have retired, the new mechanic talent and make up, this "green" phenomenon has seriously hindered the healthy development of China's screw water chiller industry. Therefore, experts suggest that enterprises should have those who have the skills of the old craftsmen to hire back, so that they with apprentice, through the "pass, help, with" to ease the shortage of skilled workers in China contradictions.
Third, lack of investment in technology development, serious brain drain, domestic brands obscure. It is well known that screw water chiller compressors are the most critical components of screw water chiller equipment. But a reference to the compressor, people first thought is the American brand, their product quality is excellent, in the market has been deeply rooted. The domestic production enterprises, in order to prove their products are good, quality assurance, always like to tell users: Our products are imported compressor. Over time, in the minds of people already have such a concept, only the use of foreign compressor screw water chiller equipment, product quality is guaranteed. While the domestic brands of compressors will be more "early days".
In recent years, the world has ceased to cease the use of fluorine-containing screw water chillers, the European Union has been banned in 2002, Japan has been banned in 2004, the United States also in 2010 Completely stop its production and consumption, while China has just begun. China is currently the world's largest fluorine content for the intermediate screw water chiller production and use of the country, its production accounted for 65% of the world, the use of the global accounting for 40%.
In accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Protocol, the production and use of medium-sized screw water chillers in the developing countries in 2003 were frozen at the average level of 2009 and 2010 respectively, Five years at this level of freezing by 10 per cent, by 35 per cent in 2020 and by 67.5 per cent in 2025, and to achieve complete phase-out in addition to maintenance and special use in 2030. China as a developing country, to strict compliance.

The development of the water cooler from the screw reflects the development of human social science and technology, but also reflects the people's awareness of environmental protection. It can be seen that the future development of the screw water chiller must be toward the direction of environmental protection, energy saving, screw water chiller development to promote the development of screw water chiller.

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