There Was A Loud Noise Over The Pakistan Railway And Another Indian Military Plane Crashed On The Spot

There Was A Loud Noise Over The Pakistan Railway And Another Indian Military Plane Crashed On The Spot

Date:Jun 09, 2020

Recently, India invaded Pakistan’s airspace again. However, with a loud noise from Pakistan, another Indian military drone crashed on the spot. This is also the second spy military aircraft that Pakistan destroyed in 3 days. The second move was real, and Modi finally made a big disaster. Afterwards, when the Pakistani military investigated the Indian crash site, it was discovered that the drone used by India still has Chinese origin, which is the world-famous DJI. Type 4 UAV.

According to Pakistan, the crashed drone of India invaded the Neckron region of Pakistan and flew close to the control line. After the Pakistani military discovered the invasion of the Indian military aircraft, it immediately activated Nai The air defense system near the Karen district shot down this Indian military drone. Not only this time, India has frequently dispatched drones to invade Pakistani airspace recently, and not long ago there was an Indian military drone that was attacked by Pakistan. shoot down.

India’s frequent dispatch of drones to invade Pakistan’s airspace is to reconnaissance the deployment of troops in the Pakistan-controlled area and keep abreast of the movements of the Pakistani army, because India and Pakistan have always had problems in the Kashmir disputed area, and the two countries have also disputed The control of the area is often exchanged, but the drone equipped by the Indian army is generally poorly understood. So what kind of drone is equipped by the Indian military in order to grasp the trend of the dead enemy? What level is it?

According to the UAV development plan formulated by the Indian Army in 2016, India will spend $3 billion to purchase 5,000 military drones in the next 10 years, including the development and procurement plans of small and micro drones made in India. In addition, India Bangalore Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Israel Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. jointly develop military drones. At the same time, they signed a military drone project with the United States. They will improve and batch equip the RQ11 Duck UAV under the authorization of the United States.

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