There Is Another France In The Country That Is Rioting For The Death Of Black People!

There Is Another France In The Country That Is Rioting For The Death Of Black People!

Date:Jun 02, 2020

"Russia Today" (RT) reported on the 3rd that on the evening of the 2nd, hundreds of protesters disregarded the epidemic ban and took to the streets of the French capital Paris in solidarity with American protesters and demanded that victims of police "atrocity" suffered for their country Justice.

The report said that the relevant departments banned large-scale gatherings during the epidemic, but this did not prevent a large number of demonstrators from dispatching. They marched on the streets shouting the slogans "Justice for George" and "Justice for Adama".

According to reports, Adama refers to the case of the 24-year-old French black Adama Traore in 2016. The young man died unexpectedly after being detained by the police for several hours. The case is still under investigation, and some media said that Adama died of suffocation when the police tried to subdue him.

RT said the protesters also tried to block the highway, set up roadblocks, burn garbage and buildings, and had a small-scale conflict with the police. The police fired tear gas at the demonstrators to try to disperse the crowd.

Mass protests throughout the United States triggered by the death of African American Freud continued. On the 2nd local time, the protests continued in at least 140 cities in the United States, and 27 states deployed the National Guard to maintain order.

According to the statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 15:33 on the 3rd, Beijing time, France has accumulatively confirmed 188,450 new cases and 28,943 deaths.

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