The Working Principle And Application Of Screw Chiller

The Working Principle And Application Of Screw Chiller

Date:Jan 18, 2019

The screw type chiller adopts the screw type screw-type chiller for its closing part-tightening machine, and the unit is made of gas refrigerant which is made by the evaporator. After the heat is tightened by the compacting machine, it is caused by low temperature and high pressure. After the gas refrigerant, in the condenser, isobaric cooling and condensation, after condensation, it is modified into a liquid refrigerant, and then the valve is tightened to a low pressure to produce a gas-liquid mixture. The liquid refrigerant in the tropical low pressure is in the evaporator. The heat of the cold material is taken from the head, and the gaseous refrigerant is brewed from the head. The gaseous refrigerant picks up the road from the beginning. It enters the compacting machine and develops a new cycle. This is the four processes of the refrigeration cycle. It is also the principle of the screw chiller.

Classification of screw chillers using screw chillers:

Screw chiller can be divided into water-cooled screw chiller light air-cooled screw chiller product selection points according to the difference of heat-dissipation steps

1. The power of the screw chiller is larger than that of the scroll type, and it is necessary to use it during the period of air conditioning or large-scale property refrigeration.

2. The selection of chillers should be based on the cold load and the effect. To cope with the low-load operation conditions for long-term refrigeration preparation, multi-head piston type compacting unit or screw-type squeezing unit should be used to facilitate recuperation and energy saving.

3. When selecting a chiller, it is preferred to consider the unit with a higher coefficient of function. According to the material statistics, the chiller usually runs at a load of 100% of the whole year and accounts for about 1/4 of the total running time.

4. When selecting a chiller, the conditions of the oral conditions should be fine. The actual cooling capacity of the chiller and the following positions are relevant:

a) cold water effluent temperature and flow rate; b) cooling water inlet water temperature, flow rate and fouling coefficient.

5. When selecting a chiller, the scope of the deformity of the unit should be fine. The main limitation of the main unit is the current value of the shaft power under the oral condition.

6. In the planning and selection should be fine: under the oral flow rate, the temperature of the cold water can not exceed 15 °C, the outdoor dry bulb temperature of the air-cooled unit can not exceed 43 ° C. If you must cross the above categories, you should understand the use of the compactor Whether the scope can be promised, whether the power of the host power can be full.

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