The Invisible Giant Of China's Air Conditioning Industry Has Monopolized 40% Of The U.S. Market, Ranking First In The World For 23 Consecutive Years.

The Invisible Giant Of China's Air Conditioning Industry Has Monopolized 40% Of The U.S. Market, Ranking First In The World For 23 Consecutive Years.

Date:Apr 20, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Up to now, air conditioning has become one of the necessary heating and heat-dissipating appliances in consumer families.  When it comes to the domestic air conditioning market, Midea, Gree and Haier are often best known to consumers.  However, in fact, there is still an invisible giant in China's air conditioning industry, which not only monopolizes 40% of the U.S. market, but also leads the world in sales volume for 23 consecutive years.

This invisible air conditioning giant is Broad Air Conditioning.  According to public information, Yuanda Air Conditioning, which was established in 1988, has enjoyed a worldwide reputation since its establishment and development. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions overseas and have occupied the top market share in China, Europe and the United States for many years.

However, unlike Haier, Gree and Midea, the air conditioners produced by Broad Air Conditioning do not require electricity.  Its non-electric central air conditioner mainly uses natural water and lithium bromide as media to carry out relevant refrigeration and heat generation operations.  With this pioneering technology, Broad Air Conditioning is still one of the best in the global air conditioning market.


The invisible giant of China's air conditioning industry has monopolized 40% of the U.S. market, ranking first in the world for 23 consecutive years.

What is more worth mentioning is that in 2016, after producing non-electric air conditioners, Yuanda Air Conditioner will make a new round of disruptive innovation on the basis of previous non-electric air conditioners.  As the first air-conditioning giant in the industry to use titanium tubes as materials, Broad Air Conditioning has successfully extended the life of its air conditioners to 60 years, almost realizing its vision of serving a generation of air conditioners.

In 1996, Yuanda Air Conditioner successfully won the title of China's Air Conditioner Sales Champion with its unique innovation in the field of air conditioning.  As for its non-electric air conditioning, it was once the glorious record of winning the world's first sales volume. Combined with the official data of Broad, it is not difficult to guess that its market share in Europe and the United States has been the first for a long time. If the calculation is started from 1996, it is now the 23rd year that Broad has successively won the world's first sales volume in the field of non-electric air conditioning.

As for the reason why Yuanda Air Conditioning has made such outstanding achievements, in the author's opinion, it has a great relationship with its insistence on "only making original innovations" for many years.  Since its inception, Broad Air Conditioning has taken independent innovation as the first key point of its development. Its development philosophy centered on energy saving, low carbon and reducing user expenses has also enabled Broad Air Conditioning to successfully open up overseas markets and absorb countless powders.

What is even more valuable is that in an era when companies in the market frequently borrow tens of millions of dollars and burn money frantically to snatch popularity, Broad Air Conditioning has never had a loan record since 1995, and even no financing history has been found on the eye of the beholder, which can be said to be a typical example of no struggle with the world.

Perhaps it is also because of this, even though the influence of Broad Air Conditioning in the world is increasing day by day, Chinese people still know little about it.  However, since there are many core technologies in hand, the future of Broad Air Conditioning is still very promising.

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