The Fourth Call Since The Epidemic Between Xi Jinping And Putin

The Fourth Call Since The Epidemic Between Xi Jinping And Putin

Date:Jul 10, 2020

President Xi Jinping held a phone call with Russian President Putin on July 8. Since the outbreak, the heads of state of China and Russia have interacted closely and have called four times so far, leading the way for Sino-Russian relations. What major events did the two heads of state focus on during this call? What important information was delivered? What impact will it have on the future development of bilateral relations? This reporter interviewed many experts for an in-depth interpretation.

[Keyword 1: Support]

Chinese President Xi Jinping: China will, as always, firmly support Russia in taking a development path that is in line with its own national conditions, and firmly support Russia in accelerating development and revitalization.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Both Russia and China value their sovereignty and security and always support each other, whether it is helping each other in times of tough epidemics, or not long ago the Chinese People's Liberation Army honor guard went to Russia to participate in a military parade on Red Square. point.

【Keyword 2: Objection】

Chinese President Xi Jinping: China is willing to continue to support each other firmly with Russia, resolutely oppose the destruction of external interference, safeguard their national sovereignty, security, development interests, and safeguard the common interests of both parties.

Russian President Putin: Russia-China relations are at the highest level in history. Russia firmly supports China’s efforts to maintain national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and opposes any provocative actions that undermine China’s sovereignty. I believe China is fully capable of maintaining Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.

[Keyword 3: Strategy]

Chinese President Xi Jinping: China and Russia support and help each other at the most difficult moment of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, adding strategic connotation to Sino-Russian relations in the new era.

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Russia regards relations with China as the highest priority of diplomacy, and is willing to work with China to continue to promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields between the two countries, strengthen strategic communication and coordination within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the United Nations, and maintain global strategic stability and Safety.

[Keyword 4: Cooperation]

Chinese President Xi Jinping: While doing a good job in responding to the epidemic for a long period of time, the two sides should study in a flexible and diverse manner to promote cooperation in various fields to speed up the resumption of production. Both sides should make good use of the opportunity of the year of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen cooperation in the fields of high technology, vaccine and drug research and development, and biosecurity, so as to push China-Russia relations to a higher level, help the two countries develop, and better benefit the two peoples.

[Keyword five: coordination]

Chinese President Xi Jinping: China is willing to continue to cooperate closely with Russia in the multilateral framework such as the United Nations, safeguard multilateralism, oppose hegemonism and unilateral actions, jointly safeguard international fairness and justice, and promote the establishment of a community of human destiny to improve global governance Make a greater contribution.

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