The China Cooling Tower Society Will Develop Four Standards To Regulate Industry Development

The China Cooling Tower Society Will Develop Four Standards To Regulate Industry Development

Date:Jul 05, 2017

The China Cooling Tower society will develop four standards to regulate industry development

The market for Cooling Towers has also been opened up. Promising prospects bring great opportunities, but Cooling Tower companies also face challenges. Recent signs of obvious, cold-chain equipment industry in the second half of 2013 business orders pick up larger extent, since August, from small to large Cooling Towers, Cooling Tower conduction in the industry believe that the recovery can be sustained in 2014. China's GDP is growing at a relatively high annual rate, with per capita income rising rapidly, and the urbanization rate is in the 50-60% range. Fast release of cold chain food demand; The relevant policies and regulations of the cold chain industry and the standardization of the industry show that the cold chain industry has entered a period of rapid development.

The main driving factor of the development of cold chain equipment is that the new policies of the central 1 document and other strong farmers are accelerating the development of cold-chain agricultural products. The new version of the GSP is expected to add 7 billion yuan to the market for cold chain technology. Cold storage power utilization, substantially reduce the operating cost of cold storage, and improve profitability; In 2014, it can be considered as the first year of cold chain raw logistics, and many enterprises, including Tmall, have entered into the fresh and cold chain housing market.

In industrial production, some need to cool the product links, or some production or scientific research need to be under the environment of low temperature, Cooling Tower, as a kind of effective manufacturing low temperature environment of the device was invented by people and use, however enterprise want to still need to constantly standardize the market competition, Cooling Tower covers the range is very wide, some market is better, but some not so good, such as the standardization problems. There is an urgent need for standards to address market problems and product quality issues.

At present, China's Cooling Tower society is developing the relevant standards for cold-chain chains from a technical level and an operational level, according to experts at the air-conditioning Cooling Tower. Both of these criteria will be divided into two aspects: freezing and refrigeration. These four criteria will cover a wide range of cold-chain related standards and systematic grooming of them. In this way, the original standard can be solved in various industries and fields.

Compared with developed countries, China's Cooling Tower enterprises have low investment in scientific research and relatively backward detection methods, thus affecting the improvement of Cooling Tower technology. In the long run, the core technology and core competitiveness of independent intellectual property rights will be formed so that we can truly realize the development of the major manufacturing power of the Cooling Tower industry to the manufacturing power.

Compared with the development of Cooling Tower at home and abroad, the development direction of Cooling Tower technology is grasped and the problems of current industry development are identified and solved. Based on the current situation of China's economic development and the development of Cooling Tower technology, the industry standard is set up. To create a good Cooling Tower market, we can break through the bottleneck of industry development.

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