Teachers Join Forces To Oppose Restart

Teachers Join Forces To Oppose Restart

Date:Jul 24, 2020

Teachers join forces to oppose restart

Although the number of newly confirmed cases remains high, Iowa, Florida and other places have successively announced plans to restart their campuses, causing great dissatisfaction among teachers.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said last week that schools in the state still need to conduct at least 50% of face-to-face courses during the epidemic. She said: "Hundreds of parents of Iowa students have publicly expressed their hope that the school can speed up the restart so that students can quickly get on track in a safe, rich, organized, and disciplined environment."

The Florida government has also signed an emergency order that requires schools in the state to ensure at least five days a week under the guidance of health officials. Governor Ron DeSantis even recommended that all public schools follow the usual standards. It also said that delaying the pace of school restarts may result in more parents not being able to return to the workplace. The state’s education commissioner Richard Koroklan also stated that the school is not only a place for learning, but also a place for students to conduct social interactions, academic consultations, and extracurricular activities. Therefore, the school’s timely restart is important for students’ physical and mental health and the state’s Economic recovery is crucial.


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