Stainless Steel Hopper Plastic Dryer Up To 120degree

Stainless Steel Hopper Plastic Dryer Up To 120degree

Date:Mar 11, 2017

1.         Contact parts made of stainless steel.

2.         Precisely cast aluminum hull, smooth surface and good performance of maintaining temperature setting

3.         Low noise blower, installed air filter with (optional) purity guaranteed

4.         Material tank installed with side glass for inspection

5.         Curve heating cylinder designed to avoid powder pile,

6.         Installed with proportional deviation display thermostat, to control temperature accurately

7.         High-temperature type for 50-1500kg available, with double-walled hopper tank, stainless steel heating tube and high-temperature blower

8.         Hopper specially designed for easy opening, suitable for all robots

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