Small Company Need Help

Small Company Need Help

Date:Mar 28, 2020

The contracts signed before the outbreak could not be performed, and they don't have income. Financial costs including private loans and basic salary of employees were swallowing book profits. The reporter recently interviewed a number of small and micro enterprises in Henan and found that affected by the epidemic situation, some small and micro enterprises have a tight working capital, coupled with the difficulty in recovering production  in the short term, facing a serious crisis of survival.

Small and micro enterprises have congenital inadequate nutrition, and have already faced greater difficulties in the context of the economic downturn. The impact of the epidemic situation has further compounded the company's production difficulties. Industry insiders have called for ensuring that the assistance policies for small and micro enterprises are implemented, using precise "drip  and irrigation" to help enterprises cover difficulties, and beware of many problems such as the wave of closures and layoffs.

Borrowing money also need pays for employees

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