Several Modles Of Industrial Cabinet Dryers

Several Modles Of Industrial Cabinet Dryers

Date:Apr 03, 2020

 In some special fields, dehumidifier dryer will be used. Because the internal humidity of plastics in these fields is too high, which is not conducive to industrial production, it is necessary to use desiccant to remove some of the humidity in plastics, so as to ensure the normal use of plastics. So what's special about this desiccant dryer?

1.Good dehumidification effect

Dehumidifier dryers are generally divided into two types: single type and centralized type. Single type dryers are generally used in a small number of diverse drying environments, while centralized dryers are used in different kinds of raw materials. These two types of dehumidification dryer are made of Japanese ceramic fiber wind turbine, the dehumidification effect is very good. It is not easy to be affected by dry environment, and its performance is very stable.

2.intelligent control

Now most of the dehumidification dryer equipped with PLC programmable touch screen, the operator can quickly grasp the method of operating the dehumidification dryer. In addition, according to the needs of different industries, the dehumidifier dryer has more complete functions. It is very convenient to adopt computer control in the whole process and realize unattended 24 hours.

3.Stable work

When the dehumidification dryer is in operation, it can work continuously with regeneration to reduce the dew point of ordinary water to about - 40 ℃, and ensure the stability of the dew point. In addition, desiccant of dehumidifier can be matched with chiller to make the water temperature above - 50 ℃. And can guarantee the dew point temperature stability, become a straight line, not easily affected by the environment.

4.Environmental protection, long life

Dehumidification dryer does not produce any pollutants, in the process of dehumidification and drying, it will not discharge any toxic gas, to ensure the quality of plastic. In addition, the dehumidifier dryer can prevent the high temperature of 1000 degrees, and prevent the pH value. The internal components can be washed directly by water without requiring professional personnel to clean. It is very convenient and the service life can reach more than 10 years.

The above is the features of dehumidifier dryer introduced for you. In fact, as a whole, dehumidifier dryer is an indispensable tool for industrial production. It is because of the dehumidifier dryer that the quality of plastic can be guaranteed. Otherwise, the humidity of plastic is too high and it is easy to stick when entering the hopper, which will inevitably affect the quality of plastic.

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