Scroll Type Industrial Chiller

Scroll Type Industrial Chiller

Date:Feb 27, 2017

1. Air cooled water chillers can be installed easily and it is unnecessary to be used with cooling tower. There are various specifications of machines available. The unit is designed with multiple safety protections to ensure safe operation.

2.Air cooled water chiller adopts international famous-brand compressor, have electricity leakage protection, over loading protection, over pressure protection, refrigerant abnormity protection, compressor overheat protection combination perfect. Corrosion resistant fit in air cooling style heat exchanger, manufactured with technical of quadratic flanging fin machine. Don’t need another pump and water tower.

3.The machine have the features such as reliable in running, clean easily, strong cooling capacity, low noise, long service life and easy to operate. Can do any kind of product according to customers claim.

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